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XML Sitemap Generator Online


  • It excludes commented HTML code.
  • It follows Meta Robots Tag to exclude URLs.
  • It follows Canonical Tags if you choose option.
  • It does not add 404 and 302 URLs.
  • It does not add Email Ids.
  • It follows robots.txt file to exclude URLs.
  • You can exclude all URLs from deep directories.
  • Known issues: Click Here

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Sample of Xml Sitemap Generated by Clegent Xml Sitemap Generator - Click Here.

URLs Limit: 200
Note: If you want to remove page limits then check our pricing.

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  Please enter each deep directory in new line which you want not to crawl, these urls will be added in sitemap.
Best with onwards version Firefox: 13, Chrome: 30, IE 10.
Xml Sitemap Generator Last Updated: 12-Jan-2014.

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